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Sharing Jesus
{without freaking out}

The Sharing Jesus Workshop

Does sharing your faith seem intimidating? Like there’s too much to remember and so much pressure to get it just right? Do you feel a huge responsibility to share your faith with others, yet feel guilty for rarely, if ever, actually doing it? If you’re like most Christians, then your answer to one or most of these questions would probably be yes.

In this seasonal workshop, we will take time each week to learn and practice simple strategies for sharing Jesus with our lost friends, neighbors, and acquaintances in a judgement and shame-free setting. This class will be a launching pad for upcoming outreach activities here at Grace, so be on the lookout for the next workshop in the Fall!

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The Outreach Path

Step 1: Get Trained

Step 2: Get Involved

Step 3: Take Initiative

Throughout the year we offer the Sharing Jesus Workshop for those who are looking to enhance their evangelical skills. These interactive workshops help prepare you for the real focus of Step 2.

We have several events with various purposes and focus here at GCC. Many of these events include opportunities to share your faith with people in our community while we simultaneously serve them through physical, or "felt," needs.

Become a leader of a workshop or service event! We're all about equipping people who equip people, and we would love for that to be you!


Classes are offered all year! Click the button below to see which classes are currently being offered.

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