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Hope Starts Here

Contact us for discrete, compassionate help.

Not Just "Pro Life"

Our approach to caring for the unborn and women alike goes beyond our stance on the sanctity of life.

While yes, we are unequivocally pro-life for the unborn, our strategy begins with seeing to the needs of the mother.

We have lots of partnerships and resources available for women in crisis. Several of them are listed below.

Meet Michelle

Meet Michelle, one of the dedicated leaders of our Grace for Life ministry. Collaborating with numerous organizations nationwide, she ensures that you receive the vital support you deserve.

At GCC, we serve the women in our community through...

Local Partnerships

We work alongside organizations like ThriVe, ProLove, and Birthright St. Charles to ensure you get the care and support you need.

Oil Changes

Once a year we have an oil change we sponsor for single and struggling moms in our area. Connect with one of our local partnerships for access to this  resource.


We offer the opportunity to connect with our experienced counselor, along with free pastoral counseling to meet your needs. 

Grief Share

We offer a Grief Share group for those struggling with loss, including women who are struggling with the loss of a child. 


We want to do more than care for just physical needs. We want to set you up with someone who can help in your walk with Jesus.

I want to talk...

Thanks for trusting us! We'll be in touch as soon as possible.

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