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Personal Discipleship

Where to Begin

The process involved in achieving spiritual growth as a Christian can perhaps be accurately described through a simple phrase that is joined with the idea of Me Becoming More Like Jesus. Advancing spiritually in the direction of becoming more conformed to the image of Jesus involves an act of God’s grace that is aimed at our transformation in alignment with His purposes. However, this act of grace is also intended to function in coordination with our will and determined efforts as we engage in a life of surrender and consistent practices that are designed to further the cause of Christ in our lives. These practices are commonly referred to as spiritual disciplines.

It may be helpful to consider spiritual disciplines in the context of athletes preparing for the Olympics. These individuals engage in consistent and determined training for many years so that they can be prepared to compete and win in their chosen events. If they fail to prepare properly, it is very likely that they will perform below the level of their hopes and expectations. As Christians, if our win involves increasing conformity to the image of Jesus, there are clearly things we must earnestly practice to achieve that goal.

Spiritual Disciplines

There are very exhaustive lists of spiritual disciplines that have been developed over time. While most of these lists have merit, they can also feel a bit overwhelming to many people as they try to imagine engaging in the breadth of these activities. So, for the purpose of challenging those within our church family to consider a more narrowly focused approach to the practice of spiritual disciplines, we have provided a prioritized list of the disciplines that are most commonly practiced. Click below to learn more!

Spiritual Gifts Assessment

One thing every Christian has in common is that we have all been given at least one spiritual gift for the purpose of serving and bringing glory to God. Use the link below to discover your gifts and to better understand how to use them in ministry.  

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