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Our Strategy 

Our community outreach strategy is based in a rhythm of learning and serving. Each spring and fall we spend time training our people through intensive workshops, teaching them to share their faith organically and skillfully in any setting. Then in the summer and winter we engage in community-enhancing projects and events that put to practice the skills we've learned.

We look at every action as an opportunity to share the Gospel. Our members are trained in sharing Jesus in anticipation of regular service opportunities where we minister to the felt-needs of our community.


Discipleship and evangelism are two sides of the same coin. We believe that the best evangelism is done in relationship over a period of time. Through providing resources and training, we seek to equip our members to engage in one-on-one discipleship - both to sharpen other believers and to win new believers.


God’s people are called to be His salt and light to the lost and dying world. Every summer and winter we engage in serving our community through our Salt St. Charles and Light Up St. Peters events, as well as various other community outreach opportunities throughout the year.

Have Questions?

Contact Daniel Massen - Director Of Outreach

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