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Sunday Discipleship Communities

Discipleship Communities
Winter 2023

January 8th - February 26th | Sundays @9:50 am.

On Sunday mornings we gather in discipleship communities for the purpose of advancing our faith and commitment through instruction and participative learning. As Sunday morning classes begin to move in the direction of a semester/quarter arrangement that emphasizes the broad categories of Beginnings, Bible, Beliefs, and Behaviors, we will be offering the following four new classes during the first quarter of the winter semester. Pre-registration is required for participation.



Paths to Spiritual Formation – The Bible contains some compelling encouragements that directly connect to our spiritual formation. When examined and followed with focus and determination and supported by the Holy Spirit’s empowerment, believers will greatly enhance their ability to achieve spiritual growth and exist for God’s glory. Within this context, this class will examine some of the key biblical passages that promote a life of spiritual commitment and transformation.


Dan Manternach

Adult Central 1

Deliberate Desperation – Henry David Thoreau was quoted as saying, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” While we understand this to be accurate, we also know that the Gospels contain a variety of accounts in which common people approached Jesus in desperation and placed their hope in Him. This class will examine some of these moving stories with the intention of reflecting on how we need to be deliberate about channeling our personal desperation in the direction of Jesus.


Randy Barton

Room 108

SHAPE – The Bible dedicates several key passages to the subject of spiritual gifts, with the understanding that every believer possesses at least one gift, and that these gifts are to be employed for the purpose of bringing glory to God and edification to the body of Christ. Within this context, this informative and interactive SHAPE class will address five key elements, which include Spiritual Gifts, Heart (passion), Abilities, Personality, and Experiences to assist one in understanding their personal SHAPE and best fit for ministry engagement.


Chris Lentz

Adult Central 2 

One at a Time – A common question we all ask as we journey through life is "Am I making any difference in this world?" Without a doubt, Jesus is the person who has made the greatest difference in all of history. And if we study the story of His life as recorded in the Gospels, there is one approach that captures how Jesus had such a profound impact upon others. Simply stated, this phrase is "one at a time." This video-based and discussion-driven class will explore the primary method that Jesus used to encounter others and to offer encouragement for us to follow His example.


Josh Turner

Room 109

Ongoing Opportunities

8:30 am

The Gospel Project
​(all adults)

Style: Study/Discussion
Leader: Tim and Margie Brown

Location: Room 110

9:50 am 

(all adults)
Style: Group Discussion
Leader: Charley Saff

Location: Library

Growing Families  
(young adults)
Style: Study/Discussion
​​Leaders: Darren and Leslie Moe

Location: Room 110

​(all adults)
Style: Lecture/Discussion
Leader: George Velius

Location: Hope Hall


​(all adults)
Style: Lecture/Discussion
Leader: John Krug

Location: Room 102

Young Adults

Style: Lecture/Discussion
​Leaders: Daniel Maasen

Location: Room 106

11:15 am 

Beacons of Light
(single adults 45 and older)
Style: Teaching/Discussion
Leader: Pat Turner

Location: Adult Central

Prayer Group

Meet for an informal time of conversational prayer for the ministries and staff of Grace Community Chapel.

Time: 8:30, 9:50 and 11:15 am

Locations: Conference Room in the Main Office

(CLICK HERE to submit a prayer request.)

Prayer Group
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