Sunday Discipleship Communities

Discipleship Communities
Second Quarter Fall 2022

October 30 through December 18 | Sundays @9:50 am.

Strong and Courageous – The first eight chapters of Joshua contain some very dynamic details related to God leading the people of Israel forward in their quest to take possession of the Promised Land under the leadership of Joshua. This class will focus on these historical events within the framework of how God desires to move within the lives of common people to take ground and champion His glory.  


Randy Barton

Sharing Jesus – Does sharing your faith feel intimidating - with too much to remember, the pressure to get it right, and the fear of reactions? If you are like most Christians, your answer to these questions would likely be “yes.” With this in mind, Sharing Jesus (without freaking out) offers a workshop-oriented structure in which class participants have an opportunity to learn and practice strategies that are designed to equip and encourage one to engage in faith-sharing activities within their Jerusalem and beyond.    


Daniel Maasen

unApologetic – In this class, participants will learn how to answer, without offense, people who challenge them surrounding Christian principles, and to convert these challenges into effective witnessing opportunities. Through the use of apologetics, we can explain clearly, effectively and lovingly why we believe what we believe, with no apologies and no regrets about missed opportunities to let our light shine!    


Dan Manternach

Heaven: Life on the Other Side – The afterlife is a subject that can be both intriguing and confusing to many. Some of the questions related to this topic include: Is heaven a real place?  Where is it?  Will we have bodies there?  What is the new earth? What will it be like? Will it get boring there?  Where does the resurrection fit in?  We will address these questions, as well as any that the attendees have, through thought provoking discussion and biblical study.  Get ready for life on the other side!  


Dan Cheek

Registration for second quarter
will begin: October 2nd!

Ongoing Opportunities

8:30 am

The Gospel Project
​(all adults)

Style: Study/Discussion
Leader: Josh and Angela Funke

Location: Room 110

9:50 am 

(all adults)
Style: Group Discussion
Leader: Charley Saff

Location: Library

Growing Families  
(young adults)
Style: Study/Discussion
​​Leaders: Darren and Leslie Moe

Location: Room 110

(all adults)
Style: Lecture/Discussion
Leader: George Velius

Location: Hope Hall


(all adults)
Style: Lecture/Discussion
Leader: John Krug

Location: Room 102

Young Adults

Style: Lecture/Discussion
​Leaders: Dave and Kim Latta 

Location: Room 106

11:15 am 

Beacons of Light
(single adults 45 and older)
Style: Teaching/Discussion
Leader: Pat Turner

Location: Room 110

Prayer Group

Meet for an informal time of conversational prayer for the ministries and staff of Grace Community Chapel.

Time: 8:30, 9:50 and 11:15 am

Locations: Conference Room in the Main Office

(CLICK HERE to submit a prayer request.)