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Sunday Discipleship Communities

Sunday Discipleship Communities

Sundays @ 9:50 AM.

Classes run from October 29 – December 17, 202

Registration is now open.


Paycheck to Paycheck: Examining a Biblical Perspective of Financial Matters. This class will examine developments within the financial world and discuss what the Bible says about money, investments, giving, stewardship, contentment, greed, saving, spending, budgeting, and other relevant topics. Warning: Due to the sensitive nature of this topic, this class may make you uncomfortable and challenge you spiritually.


Teacher: Steve Williams

Just Give me a Sign! Our words and actions represent signs that convey information about who we are, intentions about what we are doing, and expectations about how others should respond to us. Wouldn’t it be great if Jesus would just give us a sign to convey what he thinks is important? The disciple John thought so and, in writing his gospel, he included a collection of seven signs (miracles) that were designed to lead us to believe in Jesus and receive life in Him. This class will examine how each sign stands alone in presenting Jesus as the Messiah, the Son of God, from different perspectives.

Teacher: Dan Cheek

Is This the End? (Part 2)* Nearly every book of the Bible contains prophetic material, and John tells us that “he who reads aloud… and those that hear” the prophecies in The Revelation to John will be blessed. Within this context, this class will be designed to survey verses that speak about end time prophecies, focusing on Last Things as referenced in GCC’s Doctrinal Guidelines. Signs identified in Scripture will be explored and compared against the signs of our times, and promises to Israel and the Church regarding end time events will be addressed. *This is the second session of a two-part class.

Teacher: Ric Kinne and Rod Toro

Registration is Required!

Ongoing Opportunities

8:30 am

The Gospel Project
​(all adults)

Style: Study/Discussion
Leader: Tim and Margie Brown

Location: Room 110

9:50 am 

(all adults)
Style: Group Discussion
Leader: Charley Saff

Location: Library

Growing Families  
(young adults)
Style: Study/Discussion
​​Leaders: Darren and Leslie Moe

Location: Room 110

​(all adults)
Style: Lecture/Discussion
Leader: George Velius

Location: Hope Hall


​(all adults)
Style: Lecture/Discussion
Leader: John Krug

Location: Room 102

Young Adults

Style: Lecture/Discussion
​Leaders: Jeff and Michelle Lawlor, Nathan Place

Location: Room 106

11:15 am 

Beacons of Light
(single adults 45 and older)
Style: Teaching/Discussion
Leader: Pat Turner

Location: Room 108

Prayer Group

Meet for an informal time of conversational prayer for the ministries and staff of Grace Community Chapel.

Time: 8:30, 9:50 and 11:15 am

Locations: Conference Room in the Main Office

(CLICK HERE to submit a prayer request.)

Prayer Group
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