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Sunday Discipleship Communities

Sunday Discipleship Communities

Sundays @ 9:50 AM.

Classes run from June 11th - August 20th

Pre-registration is required for participation.


I Corinthians: Living in a Fractured World: The Corinthian church had a reputation for many problematic issues, with some of these concerns involving views and practices associated with topics such as sexual immorality, idolatry, worship, corruption, and the resurrection. This church that Paul planted (Acts 18) struggled and divided over these issues, which prompted him to aggressively respond in this letter.  The class, through a lecture and discussion format, will offer enduring principles that provide guidance as we navigate through similar challenges today.


Teacher: Dan Cheek

Christian Beliefs: Twenty Basics Every Christian Should Know: Theology is important, because what we believe naturally and profoundly affects how we choose to live.  God doesn’t call every Christian to attend seminary, but there are certainly some key areas of doctrine that every Christian should understand. This class, which will feature a lecture and discussion format, is designed to address twenty core areas of Bible doctrine in a way that will serve to inform and inspire. It should be noted that class participants will be expected to engage in some out-of-class reading in advance of each class session. 

There is a requested donation of $10 to partially cover the expense of the book. You may pay online or at the first class.


Teacher: Dan Manternach and Josh Turner

Villains of the Bible: The Bible is full of many heroes who accomplished great things and are worthy of our recognition and celebration. However, as we read through the Bible, we also encounter villains who interfered with God’s work and therefore serve as examples to be avoided. In this class, participants will engage in a study related to some of the Bible’s most memorable villains in the context of their backstories, their evil plans, and their fates. We will then take a hard look in the mirror to examine our own lives and see where we might be prone to making similar mistakes. Participants must be willing to be honest with themselves about their own flaws. In other words, no heroes allowed!

Teacher: Randy Barton

When People are Big and God is Small: There can be an unhealthy tendency in our lives to elevate people to a place that is exclusively reserved for God. In large part, this arrangement can be defined as one possessing a preoccupied fear of man as opposed to a healthy fear of God. Within that context, this class will feature a lecture and discussion format that will serve to examine some of the key features associated with what it means to fear man, and how believers can cultivate a properly oriented relationship with God. It should be noted that this class will require some reading assignments in preparation for class sessions.

There is a requested donation of $10 to partially cover the expense of the book. You may pay online or at the first class.

Teacher: James Jolliff

Ongoing Opportunities

8:30 am

The Gospel Project
​(all adults)

Style: Study/Discussion
Leader: Tim and Margie Brown

Location: Room 110

9:50 am 

(all adults)
Style: Group Discussion
Leader: Charley Saff

Location: Library

Growing Families  
(young adults)
Style: Study/Discussion
​​Leaders: Darren and Leslie Moe

Location: Room 110

​(all adults)
Style: Lecture/Discussion
Leader: George Velius

Location: Hope Hall


​(all adults)
Style: Lecture/Discussion
Leader: John Krug

Location: Room 102

11:15 am 

Young Adults

Style: Lecture/Discussion
​Leaders: Daniel Maasen and Nathan Place

Location: Room 106

Beacons of Light
(single adults 45 and older)
Style: Teaching/Discussion
Leader: Pat Turner

Location: Adult Central

Prayer Group

Meet for an informal time of conversational prayer for the ministries and staff of Grace Community Chapel.

Time: 8:30, 9:50 and 11:15 am

Locations: Conference Room in the Main Office

(CLICK HERE to submit a prayer request.)

Prayer Group
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