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    Forms Calendar Request All activities and events being held on-site require submission and ministry staff approval of a Calendar Request form. This form must be submitted at least 3 weeks ahead of the event. Your event is not considered final or scheduled until you receive confirmation from the church office. Please note: your Calendar Request will be subject to our church's policies and procedures, which can be viewed below. We request that you review and adhere to these guidelines to ensure that your event runs smoothly and safely. CALENDAR REQUEST FORM Policies and Procedures: An adult responsible for the group must be in attendance during the entire event. Anyone using the facility may be held responsible for any loss or damage incurred during their occupancy of the facilities. You are only allowed to use the rooms/areas requested on this form, even when other rooms are empty. Use of any equipment (TV, DVD player, projectors, marker boards, toys, etc.) must have prior permission for use. No hanging or tacking of any items on walls is allowed without prior permission. A reasonable attempt should be made to leave the facility as it was found. A custodial fee may be assessed based on the condition of the room after the event (see #3 and #4 below). Events with Food or Drink: There will be no alcoholic beverages, vaping, or smoking in the church. Any special music entertainment must have prior approval. The church dishes and kitchen equipment are available for church functions and must be cleaned and put away. Empty all trash. Large bags are available in the kitchen. Take bags to the large dumpster located in the rear parking lot. CALENDAR REQUEST FORM Additional Forms: FACILITY USE WEDDING EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION


    Free Oil Changes For Single Moms in our Community We're thrilled to announce a special event just for you! Join us for a FREE Oil Change event designed to offer support and assistance to amazing moms like you. • COMPLIMENTARY OIL CHANGE • FUN ACTIVITIES FOR YOUR KIDS • FREE HOT DOGS/BOTTLED WATER • COMMUNITY SUPPORT/CONNECTION We understand the challenges you face and want to lend a helping hand. This event is aimed at providing a bit of relief, taking one item off your 'to-do' list while you focus on taking care of your family. ​ UPDATE: This event has reached capacity and the waitlist is full. If we have last-minute cancellations, we will send an email the morning of the event to those moms already on our waitlist to let them know. SATURDAY, JULY 15 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM Jiffy Lube at 501 Salt Lick Rd, St Peters


    Personal Discipleship Where to Begin The process involved in achieving spiritual growth as a Christian can perhaps be accurately described through a simple phrase that is joined with the idea of Me Becoming More Like Jesus . Advancing spiritually in the direction of becoming more conformed to the image of Jesus involves an act of God’s grace that is aimed at our transformation in alignment with His purposes. However, this act of grace is also intended to function in coordination with our will and determined efforts as we engage in a life of surrender and consistent practices that are designed to further the cause of Christ in our lives. These practices are commonly referred to as spiritual disciplines . ​ ​ It may be helpful to consider spiritual disciplines in the context of athletes preparing for the Olympics. These individuals engage in consistent and determined training for many years so that they can be prepared to compete and win in their chosen events. If they fail to prepare properly, it is very likely that they will perform below the level of their hopes and expectations. As Christians, if our win involves increasing conformity to the image of Jesus, there are clearly things we must earnestly practice to achieve that goal. Common Spiritual Disciplines There are very exhaustive lists of spiritual disciplines that have been developed over time. While most of these lists have merit, they can also feel a bit overwhelming to many people as they try to imagine engaging in the breadth of these activities. So, for the purpose of challenging those within our church family to consider a more narrowly focused approach to the practice of spiritual disciplines, we have provided a prioritized list of the disciplines that are most commonly practiced. Click below to learn more! Bible Reading Bible Study Prayer Bible Memorization Fellowship Service Fasting Solitude and Silence Spiritual Gifts Assessment One thing every Christian has in common is that we have all been given at least one spiritual gift for the purpose of serving and bringing glory to God. Use the link below to discover your gifts and to better understand how to use them in ministry. DISCOVER YOUR GIFTS The following are resources to encourage and equip you in your pursuit of spiritual growth. ​ Need a Bible? Stop by Grace Central on Sundays, or contact the church office . New Testament Reading Plan Read the entire New Testament in 365 days. Beginners Bible Reading Daily readings from various sections of the Bible Old & New Testament Bible Reading Daily readings include passages from Old and New Testaments Book By Book Bible Reading Takes you through the entire Bible in one year ​ Bible Reading Plans Free access to 20,000 Bible Study Videos FREE MEMBERSHIP

  • Wismer | GCC

    Ronald and Rosalind Wismer Al Hayat Website: Address: Al Hayat 113 Cherry St. #88398 Seattle, WA 98104 USA​ Birthday: Ron: April 17 Roz: May 13 Mission Focus Al Hayat uses television and internet media to challenge the tenets of Islam with the goal of reaching those Muslims seeking for the true Gospel. We do this with content that is focused on revealing the truth about Islam along with showing the love of Jesus. We provide follow-up for contacts as we work to have seekers connect to a local church. We provide five call-in “Live” shows which are focused on reaching those who are seeking Christ and who are currently living in a Muslim context.​ Testimony Ron's Testimony I grew up in a strong Christian family who took me to church and were intentional about presenting the Gospel to me. At the age of 10 I recognized (in a child-like manner) my need for salvation and was baptized. In my junior high years I felt a calling on my life that I should be involved in some type of full time ministry, but I also desired to be a pilot. In high school I was introduced to a missionary pilot and realized I could marry these two desires by becoming a missionary pilot. When I was introduced to the use of technology and media to help connect people and reach others Al Hayat became a partner with me and MAF. MAF has decided to focus only on aviation and thus we are no longer with them and have moved on to Al Hayat. Roz's Testimony I grew up in a home with parents who had come to Christ as young adults. They provided teaching and instruction of God at home and church. After reading a Sunday School paper, I recognized my sinfulness and desired forgiveness. I asked my mother to pray with me. Our church frequently hosted (cross-cultural) missionaries. After hearing one missionary nurse tell that the children she saw needed physical help, their spiritual need for God was the most important, I made a commitment to become a missionary. As a teen and young adult, I didn’t recognize that following God’s ways were expressions of love for Him and to others and not just a set of rules. Thankfully, God brought me to understand His love and life are for here and now to be shared with others as well as for eternity. I am helping teach Bible stories, verses and songs with children in the community. Previous Lee & Diana Whitworth Mormon Outreach Next Leroy & Debbie Zumack Field Workers (France)

  • Zumack | GCC

    Leroy and Deborah Zumack Greater Europe Mission (France) Phone: (719) 488-8008 Website: Address: Greater Europe Mission (GEM) ​18950 Base Camp Road Monument, CO 80132 Birthday: Leroy: January 27 Debbie: November 10 Mission Focus I (Leroy) serve as a member of a local church, taking turns preaching with several others. In addition to my primary ministry, I serve as a chaplain in a prison. I distribute Bibles, offer services (under normal conditions) witness to Christ's death and resurrection, pray, counsel, and am a father figure to some men. I see men come to Christ every other month or so. Testimony Leroy's Testimony I heard the Gospel growing up in a Lutheran school and church. When I was 18, my parents divorced and this left me asking God, "Where are you?". I met Jesus in September, 1972, in a coffeehouse. My life was turned upside down. I sought to grow in my Christian life. I got involved with CRU. I witnessed to friends and as I neared graduation, I sought to be a missionary pilot. I did not have the skills to be a missionary mechanic so I instead went to Moody for a year and then seminary. I served at Hope Church from 1982-1985. We came to France and started in church planting. Since moving to Lille in 2004, I started prison work. Debbie's Testimony During my teenage years, I began wanting to know more about God. Our family attended church fairly regularly but faith was not explained as a personal relationship with Christ. So when I went off to university, one of the first things I did was buy myself a Bible. Then I became good friends and roommates with a young woman who was a new believer herself. As she explained her testimony to me, I realized that just believing God existed was not enough. I remember feeling like I was standing outside a room I had thought I was in, and what I wanted to do was open the door to that room and really enter in. A few years later as I sought further ways to serve the Lord, I met Leroy and together the Lord directed us to missions in France! Previous Ron & Roz Wismer Global Networking Back to Missions Home

  • LUSP | GCC

    Light Up St. Peters Nightly from 5-11pm Dec 1 to 31st Tune in to 90.1 on your FM dial. This beloved holiday tradition is our gift to the community! Invite your family and friends and enjoy this fantastic light show set to Christmas tunes from the comfort of your car. You’ll want to add Light Up St. Peters to your list of ’must-do’ holiday activities this year. Try one of these popular Light Up St. Peters traditions... The Pajama Run 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 (Just 3 easy steps) 1. Kids in their pj's 2. Hot chocolate 3. Tune in to 90.1 FM, turn up the volume Once Just Isn't Enough 🤗​ Who says you can only enjoy Light Up St. Peters once each season? There's so much to see and hear, you can't possibly catch it all the first time! So watch, listen, REPEAT! From Near and Far 🧳 Show your out-of-town guests how we do Christmas in St. Peters. Don't let them leave without stopping by to 'listen to the lights'! Dinner and a Show 😘​ For a fun (and cheap!) date night, pack a dinner or stop by a drive-through and get in the Christmas spirit with your sweetheart. (Hold the onions!) Dance Party 🎵​ While most prefer to stay in their warm, cozy vehicle, that lively music just makes some of us wanna' roll down the windows, crank the volume, and have a 'dance-off' in the parking lot! So bring your dancin' shoes - just in case. ...or start your own!


    Sharing Jesus {without freaking out} The Sharing Jesus Workshop Does sharing your faith seem intimidating? Like there’s too much to remember and so much pressure to get it just right? Do you feel a huge responsibility to share your faith with others, yet feel guilty for rarely, if ever, actually doing it? If you’re like most Christians, then your answer to one or most of these questions would probably be yes. In this seasonal workshop, we will take time each week to learn and practice simple strategies for sharing Jesus with our lost friends, neighbors, and acquaintances in a judgement and shame-free setting. This class will be a launching pad for upcoming outreach activities here at Grace, so be on the lookout for the next workshop in the Fall! The Outreach Path Step 1: Get Trained Step 2: Get Involved Step 3: Learn More, Train Others Step 4: Take Initiative Each Spring and Fall semester we offer the Sharing Jesus Workshop for those who are looking to enhance their evangelical skills. These interactive workshops help prepare you for the real focus of Step 2. Throughout the year we have several events for various purposes here at GCC. Many of these events include opportunities to share your faith with people in our community, while we simultaneously serve them through physical, or "felt," needs. The Sharing Jesus Workshops can be easily reproduced and expanded upon. We will be offering more intensive workshops led by members of our congregation in the coming days, so keep an eye out for when these become available. Become a leader of a workshop or service event! We're all about equipping people who equip people, and we would love for that to be you! WHAT HAS GCC DONE LATELY? Check out this short video to see what we've been doing lately in St. Charles County!


    France Short-Term Opportunity Pray for our Prayer Team Our France team leaves January 5th for Paris and will return to St. Louis on January 16. Please pray for safe travels today, and continue to pray for the team throughout their time in France as they provide support to the Irwins in their efforts to start a new church plant. How you can pray ​ Pray for the people of Paris, especially in the area of the new church (metro station called Gare de Lyon). Pray for the leaders of the new church, Doug and Emilee Irwin and Guillaume and Elodie Bourin (that's all we know now) and their spiritual direction in setting precedents for the new church. Pray for the six short-term team members to be effective supporters with eyes to see the needs and spiritual challenges. Prayers have been answered for the Irwins to find a place for the church to meet. Trip Details: What: Participate in local prayer for the new church plant that the Irwins are launching January 22nd. When: January 5-16 Where: Paris, France area Why: To serve and encourage the Irwins in their ministry. To provide local prayer support and possibly hand out invites about the launch of Eglise de la Rive Droite. Meet the Team With less than 2% committed followers of Jesus in France, most people in France do not even know a genuine believer. Grace missionaries, Doug and Emilee Irwin, along with their French co-leaders, have a bold vision to start a new French-speaking church, near a massive metro station near the center of Paris. They launch in January 2023 and have asked a team from Grace to come and pray over all aspects of this effort. We are that prayer team. Thank you for joining with us prayerfully and financially. Dan Cheek DONATE Carol Cheek DONATE Frank McEachron DONATE Marcia McEachron DONATE Bill Start DONATE Gail Start DONATE

  • Kimball | GCC

    Paul and Angie Kimball Proclaim Aviation/School of Missionary Aviation Technology Phone: 507-376-9480 Links: Proclaim Aviation P.O. Box 356 Worthington, MN 56187 Birthday: Paul: June 18 Angie: August 31 John: May 19 ​Ellie: June 24 Mission Focus Our mission is to be a part of reaching the nations with the gospel of Christ by training the next generation of mission aviators. As full-time missionaries with Proclaim Aviation assigned to SMAT in Ionia, Michigan, we get to be a part of equipping families to share the love of Jesus in remote areas of the world where aviation provides access to medical care, transportation, and the gospel. One of the biggest blessings is getting to know the students and their families, encouraging them in their technical training, but also seeking to mentor and support them personally and spiritually during their time here. We regularly invite students over to our home for dinner and fellowship, and Angie also gets to know the women students and student wives in her role helping to lead a bimonthly women's Bible study. As a flight instructor on the flight side of SMAT, Paul primarily divides his time between teaching ground school classes, giving flight instruction in the planes, and pre-flight / post-flight briefings with his students. The rigorous 12-month curriculum of ground school and flight instruction is well structured to equip the students for the specific demands of mission aviation overseas. Flight training in Michigan requires the schedule to remain flexible so that when God provides good weather the students can be in the air. We appreciate prayer for many good weather days, stamina for the flight team, and good discipleship opportunities with each student. Testimony Paul's Testimony I grew up in Sierra Leone, West Africa, where my parents ministered among the Loko people and completed a New Testament translation for them. Having been raised in a Christian home, I heard the Gospel and watched it being lived out in my parents’ lives from the time of my earliest memories. I cannot pinpoint the specific time I came to saving faith in Christ, but I do remember clearly understanding my need for a personal relationship with the Lord and for forgiveness of sin, when I was nine, one evening after family devotions in Sierra Leone. At 12 years old, at a missions conference in Illinois, I committed to serve the Lord wherever and in whatever way He led. In my senior year of high school I learned about the need for aviation in missions. The Lord provided in a wonderful way and allowed me to attend Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and graduate as a pilot and aircraft mechanic from Moody’s aviation program, then located in eastern Tennessee. During my time in Tennessee the Lord brought Angie and I together. Loving and serving the Lord together with her has been the greatest joy of my life. Angie's Testimony I grew up in a small town in Iowa with wonderful parents and one older sister. We were active in church, and I remember asking Jesus into my heart around age 10. I didn’t tell anyone, but read my Bible more and tried very hard to be good. In college, God used some foolish choices and a Christian roommate to show me that I was trying to follow God with one foot and keep my other foot in the world. He opened my eyes to my sin and need for forgiveness, and the grace He offered, not because of what I’d done, but because of what Christ had done for me. It was a turning point in my life, and it’s amazing to see that I have yet to stop learning more about the depths of His mercy and love. That next year, I began looking into teaching overseas (I was getting my elementary education degree). When I met Paul and found out he was studying to become a missionary pilot, I was fascinated – with the man and with missions! – and worked to find out more about what he was wanting to do. It was easy for me to join him in pursuing missions as our life work, and it has been a privilege to use the gifts and interests He’s given us to help people know the truth of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. Previous Solomon & Ruby Kendagor International Broadcast/Discipling Next Bruce & Irene McAtee Refugee Outreach (Greece)

  • Junker | GCC

    Jon and Tammy Junker The Evangelical Alliance Mission Phone: 800-343-3144 Email: Address: TEAM PO Box 969 Wheaton, IL 60187-0969 Birthday: Jon: June 14 Tammy: May 25 Meigan Grace: October 15 Mission Focus Our mission focus is the local church because we believe Scripture teaches that the local church is God's way of reaching the world for Christ. Our desire is to see healthy, vibrant churches established in Japan. We do whatever the Lord brings our way to that end, from neighborhood outreach to translating helpful discipleship/evangelism tools, from encouraging new missionaries to helping improve TEAM as an organization through input as internship coordinators and supervisors, from pastors meetings to Japanese and foreign mission leadership meetings. A blessing in our work: Opportunities and needs abound! It has been great to see God honor it when believers and churches simply take Him at His Word, and to see changes occur such as revitalization of a church. A challenge we face: So many churches and unbelievers are content with bare survival instead of desiring to thrive. How do we get more people to catch the vision of taking God at His word? Testimony Jon's Testimony Jon trusted in Jesus at the age of 5 and was baptized at the age of 10. He didn't really start to follow Jesus until 10th grade. It was a simple, "I will follow you, Jesus", but it changed his life. He started loving God's Word, praying, attending church, and loving people. One thing he didn't want to become was a missionary. But in college God used Acts chapter 2 to impact him in such a way that he gave up putting sports first and started preparing for being a missionary. He didn't care where it would be, but God in graciousness, let him return to Japan. Being a missionary in Japan can be really challenging, but like one of his co-workers said, "church planting is fun". God has been gracious in giving him opportunities to serve the Japanese, serve fellow missionaries and to serve his Savior. You couldn't ask for anything better!​ Tammy's Testimony Tammy trusted in Jesus in the 6th grade, but didn't actually start following Jesus as Lord until a junior in college. After being discipled in Campus Crusade (now the Cru), she went on a short-term missions project in Osaka Japan. It was there that God used the verse "The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Beseech the Lord of the harvest to send more laborers to the field" to call her to missions in Japan. That call continued to be confirmed as she taught English in Japan for three years and served at a local Japanese church (her first home church) and helped local missionaries. During work as a short-term missionary with TEAM in Japan, Tammy met Jon, and they've been serving the Lord together happily ever after since! Previous Doug & Emilee Irwin Church Planters (Japan) Next Solomon & Ruby Kendagor International Broadcast/Discipling

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