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GCC Publicity Request Instructions

​​(Note: This information is for ministry coordinators who are requesting publicity for an event or activity at Grace Community Chapel.)

​Please review the details below prior to submitting your Publicity Request form. Contact Patty Mund ( if you have any questions.  

Ministry Staff Approval

All activities and events being held on-site require submission and ministry staff approval of a Calendar Request form. All off-site activities and events being promoted at Grace require ministry staff approval as well, and a Calendar Request form is required. Please complete the Calendar Request form for off-site event approval before proceeding with a Publicity Request.

If you have not submitted a ‘Calendar Request’ form and/or had a ministry staff member approve your event or activity, please do so before submitting a ‘Publicity Request’ form.

Do you need to use a Publicity Request form? (The answer is almost always 'yes'.)

The first step in requesting publicity, regardless of what type of publicity you need, is to complete and submit the form, following the guidelines on this page. (Even if your only request is for a bulletin announcement, or if you’re not sure what kind of publicity resources are available to you, a publicity request is needed.) Almost every event and program at Grace is promoted on our app or website, through our email marketing system, and on social media. Your event or ministry program may be receiving more publicity than you realize, and the completed form will help ensure your publicity needs are covered. Of course there are exceptions, so if in doubt, please contact Patty.

Publicity Guidelines

  • Promotional materials and resources are provided to support the ministries of GCC and require the approval of the ministry staff. 

  • Available resources may include print materials, bulletin announcement, email campaign, website, social media, and online registration.

  • Requests for publicity should be submitted a minimum of three weeks prior to the date publicity is to begin. 

  • Choose one person from your ministry area to communicate the promotional needs for your event/activity.

  • Ensure all details are accurate before submitting your request. Changes cannot be made after materials are printed. An online registration form should not be altered once registration has begun.

  • Ministry staff will ensure that all materials meet required standards, including aesthetic quality and appropriate content.


  • The ‘Publicity Request’ process is separate from the ‘Calendar Request’ process. Please be sure to submit a ‘Calendar Request Form'.

  • All Publicity Requests are submitted to Patty Mund, then she will coordinate with others as needed.

  • The event/activity should have only one person assigned to coordinate the publicity needs with Patty.

  • All requests should be made three weeks prior to when the publicity is needed (not three weeks prior to the event date).

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