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Undisclosed Missionaries 

Various Missions (Worldwide)

Areas of Focus:

  • Bible Translation

  • Training and Equiping National Pastors

  • Humanitarian Work (Feeding, Shelter, Refugees)

  • Aviation

  • Using technology to get information to restricted areas 

About Undisclosed Missionaries:

GCC is dedicated to spreading the message of hope found in Jesus to individuals worldwide, even in regions where practicing Christianity is particularly challenging. We collaborate with numerous undisclosed individuals, couples, and families who are actively engaged in missionary work. Alongside offering financial assistance to these missionaries, we uphold them in prayer regularly.

Although their identities may remain unknown to us, they are known to God. Therefore, prayer remains impactful.

Prayer Focus:

  • Spiritual encouragement

  • Health & safety

  • Financial needs

  • Opportunities to share the gospel

  • That people will choose to follow Jesus

  • That God will be glorified

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