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Leroy and Deborah Zumack

Greater Europe Mission (France)


(719) 488-8008



Greater Europe Mission (GEM)
​18950 Base Camp Road
Monument, CO  80132


Leroy: January 27

Debbie: November 10

Mission Focus

I (Leroy) serve as a member of a local church, taking turns preaching with several others. In addition to my primary ministry, I serve as a chaplain in a prison. I distribute Bibles, offer services (under normal conditions) witness to Christ's death and resurrection, pray, counsel, and am a father figure to some men. I see men come to Christ every other month or so.


Leroy's Testimony
I heard the Gospel growing up in a Lutheran school and church. When I was 18, my parents divorced and this left me asking God, "Where are you?". I met Jesus in September, 1972, in a coffeehouse. My life was turned upside down. I sought to grow in my Christian life. I got involved with CRU. I witnessed to friends and as I neared graduation, I sought to be a missionary pilot. I did not have the skills to be a missionary mechanic so I instead went to Moody for a year and then seminary. I served at Hope Church from 1982-1985. We came to France and started in church planting. Since moving to Lille in 2004, I started prison work.

Debbie's Testimony
During my teenage years, I began wanting to know more about God. Our family attended church fairly regularly but faith was not explained as a personal relationship with Christ. So when I went off to university, one of the first things I did was buy myself a Bible. Then I became good friends and roommates with a young woman who was a new believer herself. As she explained her testimony to me, I realized that just believing God existed was not enough. I remember feeling like I was standing outside a room I had
thought I was in, and what I wanted to do was open the door to that room and really enter in. A few years later as I sought further ways to serve the Lord, I met Leroy and together the Lord directed us to missions in France!

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