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Asian Town

Thailand Mission Trip
July 22-August 7
Team Leader: Jennifer Hill

The most effective way to reach the Thai people for Jesus is through relationships. Our primary job is to show our Lord to college students and share our ‘life stories’ (testimonies) with them so they get a glimpse of just how wonderful God is. This will allow the permanent missionaries to follow up with them and deepen the relationships, ultimately leading them to Christ. Here is what we will be doing:

Week 1 (Chang Mai):

  • Meet with students at the “Centre’ where they practice their English.

  • Run an English retreat for three days - much like a high school retreat.

  • Meet and pray with the missionaries from Chang Mai.

Week 2 (Ayuttaya):

  • Fly to Ayuttaya to work with the missionaries there. This is a new area being reached with the gospel.

  • Work with 180 students from a Buddhist temple school (both grade school and middle school ages). This will be a one-day English camp that involves mostly games. Again, this is to strengthen the relationships so the missionaries can further the work with Thai families.

  • Prayer walk thru Ayutthaya with the missionaries.

Prayer Requests

  • Travel mercies as the flights are very long

  • Energy for the full schedule

  • Ease of starting new relationships with the students

  • Holy Spirit to be in everything that we do and say

Team Members

Calvin and Lauren Banks

Bruce and Karen Bryant

Mike and Jennifer Hill

Mike and Jan O’Rourke

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