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Eric and Rachel McEachron

Operation Mobilization (OM)


(770) 631-0432


Operation Mobilization (OM)
285 Lynnwood Ave.
Tyrone, GA  30290


Eric:  July 17
Rachel:  August 3

​Micah - May 21
Sophie - May 1
Emi - February 5
Marcie - January 15

Silas - September 29

Mission Focus

Our mission focus is the least-reached – the 3 billion people who have never heard the story of God’s love, and probably have never even met a follower of Jesus. We believe that God is calling a new wave of missionaries: ordinary believers of all professions taking their jobs to live and work in these places where Jesus is not worshipped. My role (Eric) is sharing this vision with university students (tomorrow’s workforce) and offering them an introduction to this work-as-mission lifestyle through professional internships.

• A blessing in our work: I love all of it…seeing individual students’ skills and majors matched with great opportunities, networking with professors, problem-solving with teammates, and sharing with our partners (like Grace Community Chapel!). An extra blessing is Rachel connecting with the Japanese community in Atlanta through our church here.

• A challenge: Staying connected with, and adapting to the ever-changing realities of, our universities and our receiving teams. ​


Eric's Testimony
I had the immense privilege knowing about Jesus Christ from an early age--however, I saw obedience my means to get attention and prove that I was better than others. I realized that I had a problem when I learned (in a GCC Sunday School class) that God can see every hidden thing inside of us; I knew I could not change myself or make myself good enough in the eyes of a God who sees all of me. But that’s when it connected for me that Jesus, who lived in perfect obedience to God from the inside out, died in my place and rose from the dead; I asked him to make me clean before God, and began to follow him with my life.  

My heart for Christ was cultivated in GCC ministries and became directed toward missions through an international internship in college. I ended up moving to Japan to work as an English teacher, where I was mentored in missions by Jon Junker, got a crash course in cross-cultural living, and met my wife Rachel. Our years in Japan gave us a burden for the unreached, a vision for the role of professionals in mission, and confirmation of how formative the college and young professional years are.​​

Rachel's Testimony
I came to personal faith in Christ when I was seven years old. After morning devotions with my mom, I realized that my sin would keep me separated from God forever. I knew I needed a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and His forgiveness. I grew up in a Bible church and had heard the Gospel many times, but that was the first time I truly understood my need.  

When I was ten years old, my parents took our family on a missions trip to work with Jon Junker in Japan. This was a turning point in my life. I knew that I wanted to be back in missions to share the hope of Christ with others in the future. When I was in junior high, I really began to make my faith my own and started growing.

I studied cross-cultural ministry at Moody Bible Institute. Internships solidified my desire to teach English to speakers of other languages. That’s how God opened the door for me work as an English teacher in Japan for four years. My primary role now is discipling our four children. And God has continued to provide ways for me to teach English and even be part of a ministry to local Japanese ladies. That really energizes me!

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