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Kyle McEachron

Teach Beyond
Diosd, Hungary





Kyle: July 5

Mission Focus

I will be serving as a secondary art and graphic design teacher at the International Christian School of Budapest in Diosd, Hungary, a Christ-centered school that acts as both an affordable school for missions families and locals who may seek learning in an English speaking environment. I am looking to use the passion for art and design God has given me to be an asset to the school through transformational education to change lives and build students up to have both academic and spiritual success. I also hope to become involved in the community in whatever ways God opens the door for.  ​


I came to know Christ at a young age and grew up in the church, but my faith was largely centered around following the rules and avoiding all the don'ts rather than seeking opportunities to grow and be involved. My faith grew in the last few years of high school and in college thanks to godly leaders and influences in my life, but I still had my own idea for how I wanted my life to go and when those plans didn't pan out, I had to face a harsh reality check. God helped me through it by getting me involved in serving with the youth, studying the Bible through BSF, and getting involved with missions through short term trips to Hungary, reminding me that His plans are better than my own.​

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