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Paul and Angie Kimball

Proclaim Aviation/School of Missionary Aviation Technology




Proclaim Aviation
P.O. Box 356
Worthington, MN  56187


Paul: June 18
Angie: August 31

John: May 19
​Ellie: June 24

Mission Focus

Our mission is to be a part of reaching the nations with the gospel of Christ by training the next generation of mission aviators. As full-time missionaries with Proclaim Aviation assigned to SMAT in Ionia, Michigan, we get to be a part of equipping families to share the love of Jesus in remote areas of the world where aviation provides access to medical care, transportation, and the gospel. One of the biggest blessings is getting to know the students and their families, encouraging them in their technical training, but also seeking to mentor and support them personally and spiritually during their time here. We regularly invite students over to our home for dinner and fellowship, and Angie also gets to know the women students and student wives in her role helping to lead a bimonthly women's Bible study. 

Paul served as a flight instructor, teaching ground school and giving instruction in the airplane, from June 2018-December 2021. In January 2022, he was asked to temporarily fill in as SMAT's maintenance manager, after our Director of Maintenance left unexpectedly. Since that time, he has continued in that role, overseeing SMAT graduates who have been hired as mechanics to maintain our eight flight training aircraft as well as customer aircraft. This time in the hangar provides valuable experience for SMAT graduates as they prepare to serve a mission organization as a mechanics.

We continue to pray that God will bring a Director of Maintenance and other needed staff, and for Him to give wisdom for how Paul could engage again in the flight department.


Paul's Testimony
I grew up in Sierra Leone, West Africa, where my parents ministered among the Loko people and completed a New Testament translation for them. Having been raised in a Christian home, I heard the Gospel and watched it being lived out in my parents’ lives from the time of my earliest memories. I cannot pinpoint the specific time I came to saving faith in Christ, but I do remember clearly understanding my need for a personal relationship with the Lord and for forgiveness of sin, when I was nine, one evening after family devotions in Sierra Leone. At 12 years old, at a missions conference in Illinois, I committed to serve the Lord wherever and in whatever way He led. In my senior year of high school I learned about the need for aviation in missions. The Lord provided in a wonderful way and allowed me to attend Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and graduate as a pilot and aircraft mechanic from Moody’s aviation program, then located in eastern Tennessee. During my time in Tennessee the Lord brought Angie and I together. Loving and serving the Lord together with her has been the greatest joy of my life.

Angie's Testimony
I grew up in a small town in Iowa with wonderful parents and one older sister. We were active in church, and I remember asking Jesus into my heart around age 10. I didn’t tell anyone, but read my Bible more and tried very hard to be good. In college, God used some foolish choices and a Christian roommate to show me that I was trying to follow God with one foot and keep my other foot in the world. He opened my eyes to my sin and need for forgiveness, and the grace He offered, not because of what I’d done, but because of what Christ had done for me. It was a turning point in my life, and it’s amazing to see that I have yet to stop learning more about the depths of His mercy and love.

That next year, I began looking into teaching overseas (I was getting my elementary education degree). When I met Paul and found out he was studying to become a missionary pilot, I was fascinated – with the man and with missions! – and worked to find out more about what he was wanting to do. It was easy for me to join him in pursuing missions as our life work, and it has been a privilege to use the gifts and interests He’s given us to help people know the truth of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.  

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