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Solomon and Ruby Kendagor

International Broadcasting and Discipling





International Students, Inc.
​P. O. BOX C
Colorado Springs, CO  80901


Solomon: September 16

Ruby: February 23

Mission Focus

Our Mission focus is in three areas: A. Evangelism. B. Leadership (Both Church and Government). C. Marriage and Family. We accomplish these areas of ministry through: A. Two Radio and TV stations; B. Social Media like Facebook. We are in over 50 countries. Our listeners increased by 502% to 63,781 in the last month according to Facebook. ​


Solomon's Testimony
Solomon came to know Christ at the age of 9 through his parents’ ministry and family devotions. Parents were Kenyan Missionaries who left everything to serve God and live by faith, trusting the Lord for every need. Parents emphasized the importance of personal time with God for everyone in the family. During family devotion everybody was expected to share what he or she learned during personal devotion. Children learned from early age to have personal devotion, pray and trust God for every need. Solomon, however, planned to make money and give as others served the Lord and live by faith. During high school he struggled about God’s will for his life. God made it clear that he was interested in Solomon’s heart not his money. He finally surrendered to God’s purpose and God began to work in his heart. Solomon ended up in full time ministry and continues to serve with joy.​

Ruby's Testimony
Abandoned by parents at about a month old, Ruby was raised in an orphanage with close to 500 children. Life was difficult at the orphanage and Ruby longed to know about her parents. When she was 14, a letter from her dad in Canada arrived saying her mother was dead. Ironically, another letter arrived the following day from her mom in Barbados introducing herself to her. Neither of the parents wrote to her again. At age 16 she had to leave the orphanage to work as a maid, first for a Chinese family for a year and a half and later for a Muslim family. The Evangelical Alliance Mission arrived and rented property from the Muslim family. Through their ministry, Ruby came to faith in Christ. She finally met her father at the age of 19 and her mother at the age of  23. Both became believers through her testimony.

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