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Change For Change

What is Change for Change

Change for Change is a monthly special giving opportunity selected by our Missions Committee to help our missionaries in times of special need, and for projects that enhance the gospel presentation around the world. 

March Change for Change

Earthquake Relief

Providing emergency relief to believers in Central Asia.

On February 6, 2023, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit the Turkey-Syria border. Another 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit on February 20, 2023. As of Wednesday, February 22, 2023, the death toll was over 50,000. The devastation in the area is unimaginable.

Churches have been destroyed as well as many homes. A UN commissioner estimates that as many as 5.3 million people may have been left homeless in Syria alone, and the number needing some type of humanitarian aid is even greater. Through two of our trusted partners, we have the unique opportunity to get funds directly to believers in this area who have lost everything, including family members and friends.

March Change for Change giving will go to these two trusted partners, to provide relief to believers in the area. We have direct connections to our trusted partners and know these funds will be well utilized to encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ. One of our trusted partners has worked with several Central Asia projects, and the other is a local couple who is serving in the affected countries. Please continue to pray for the many believers impacted by this disaster.

If you'd like to give, you can give a donation using the link below. 

You can make a



Join us as we come alongside our missionaries and show our support through this giving opportunity.


These are just a few of the ways GCC has been able to join God in what he is doing around the world this year. Thank you for your prayers and support!  

We can’t wait to see what He does in 2023!


$3,000 - To help M&M with moving expenses in Central Asia


$5,776 - To help the Junkers with their translation project


$13,422 -  To pack meals for Kids Against Hunger


$6,164 - To help launch Kyle McEachron onto the missions field in Hungary


$4,112 - For Casas por Cristo


$5,926 - To help Mr. A in Central Asia start a small business to fuel ministry


$1,963 - For Urbana 2022.


$8,000 - To Trusted Partners for aid to Ukrainian believers


$9,926 - For Christmas in September (gifts to our missionaries)



$30,000 - To help Afghan refugees


$9000 - For tuition for the McAtee's daughter Emily .


Thank You For Your Generosity

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