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Afghan Refugee Relief

Recap & Update

God is definitely at work advancing His kingdom!

In 2021 we helped evacuate 400 adult believers and 1100+ children from Afghanistan to safety. By God’s grace, the past year has gone very well and we are happy to report that more than 90% of those families have gainful employment, shelter, and a means for educating their children.


In addition, many of these men have been selected for biblical training at the Central Asia Training Center, which is also serving as a church for these displaced Afghans and a logistical hub for 12 new Afghan house churches that meet weekly. 

God is definitely at work advancing His kingdom!

Urgent Needs

As summer gives way to autumn two major, time-sensitive, survival needs arise for the Afghan refugees:  



This winter is expected to be brutally cold where the refugee families are living. Temperatures are already dropping during the night into the 30’s and there have been reports of children in nearby mountainous regions dying of hypothermia. Some of the refugee families homes are poorly insulated, and despite working hard the families are not earning enough money to purchase coal, repair old stoves, or better insulate their homes.

Coal Heat: 156 families x $430 = $67,080

Insulation: 85 homes x $67 = $5,675

Stove Repair: 41 stoves x $120 = $4,920



During the fall season, trucks filled with potatoes roll into the region providing the staple food the Afghan refugee families will use to survive the winter.  According to our partner, these families will live on the potatoes they purchase now for the next several months with very little other food. Each family purchases an average of 550 pounds of potatoes at .27/pound for a total expense of $150 per family. The families purchase the potatoes all at once and in bulk and then pile them inside or beside their homes or dig pits in their floors to store them for sustenance throughout the winter. Their income does not provide enough money for them to buy their winter potatoes.

Potato Stipend: 165 families X $150 = $24,750

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Cost of Survival
Annual Budget

(income sources and shortfall)

With the migrant farming and other jobs the displaced Afghan families have been able to find, they are not able to cover their entire cost of survival yet.


We expect most of the refugee families to need supplemental income for another two years while they better establish themselves.


We are not, however, their main source of sustenance as they are working towards independence and local believers and ministries are investing sacrificially as well.


of annual budget fulfilled by income of displaced Afghans


of annual budget fulfilled by Central Asian believers and business partners


budget shortfall to which

GCC will contribute

Budget Shortfall

(urgent needs in numbers)


Coal Heat: 156 FAMILIESs x $430 = $67,080

Insulation: 85 HOMES X $67 = $5,695

Stove Repair: 41 STOVES x $120 = $4,920

Potato Stipend: 165 FAMILIES X $150 = $24,750

Logistics: =$3,000

Total SHORTFALL: $105,445


Already committed from 
indigenous ministry partners:




You can make a



Grace Community Chapel is collecting funds for refugee relief through our 'Change for Change' giving campaign during October and November. 


Join us as we come alongside these working refugees and sacrificial national believers to help meet their budget shortfall and provide coal for heat as well as food stipends for winter potatoes.