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Steve & Nancy Huerd






100 Lake Hart Drive
Orlando, FL  32832


Steve: September 25
Nancy: January 31

Mission Focus

Nancy labors to confirm that those wishing to join us within Cru are qualified and well prepared to be missionaries. Not everyone who applies is ready or even called to become a full-time missionary with Cru and Nancy meticulously evaluates applications and candidates ensuring Cru is a good fit for them. She also works diligently to confirm our staff serve in the best possible assignments, both short-term and long-term, for their own growth and development as well as to reach students for Christ all over the world.

Steve is the director of Ministry Partner Development for the High School Ministry, ensuring that all staff are fully funded. He also serves in theological development, teaching Bible classes to our new staff and assisting the field ministry, providing help and resources for thorny ethical issues.

We are both blessed to serve our staff nationally in many places.  If you could pray one thing for us, it would be for wisdom and servant hearts to love and care for all of our High School staff.​


Steve's Testimony
Growing up in Minnesota, Steve's family ceased attending church during his elementary school years causing him to become a genuine seeker of the truth. During his sophomore year in high school, Steve became a Christ-follower as the result of a large outreach presented by Student Venture (Cru’s High School Ministry). He became a student leader in this movement reaching many of his peers with the gospel. In college, Steve was very involved with Cru at St. Cloud State University (St. Cloud, MN) and joined Cru full-time in 1988. Because God had changed his life so much, instinctively Steve knew God had called him to join Cru even before graduating from high school.​

Nancy's Testimony
Nancy grew up in a Christian home in northeast Missouri, attending church functions regularly but it didn’t really impact her life until her junior year of high school when her team lost the Missouri basketball championship. Through the help of some of her friends, she realized the emptiness of worldly achievements and asked Christ to come into her life. During her college days at the University of Missouri, she played basketball and was very active in Campus Crusade for Christ, the former name of Cru. Through her involvement in Cru, she was able to share Christ with most of her teammates and lead several Bible studies.

Eventually she became connected and plugged into the local high school ministry while teaching and coaching at a St. Louis area high school. Sensing God’s call on her life not merely to teach and coach, but to be a full-time missionary, she joined Cru full-time. Her first assignment was in Minnesota where she met Steve.

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