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Steve & Nancy Huerd






4806 Lakes Edge Lane
Kissimmee, FL 34744


Steve: September 25
Nancy: January 31

Mission Focus

One of the greatest challenges of being a missionary is trusting God to provide all your financial needs. Steve devotes most of his time to leading this critical area in coaching our new and senior staff to ensure they are fully funded and financially faithful.  He is also very involved in the HR side of ministry, helping shepherd and develop our staff to their fullest potential.  A blessing is being able to send full-time workers to locations nationally and abroad that we will never be able to visit or see.  


Nancy's mission focus: Cru High School summer assignment coordinator, application evaluator, staff care and assisting where needed. All are opportunities to be used by God to bless, serve and assist our High School staff in helping to reach teenagers with the gospel, but they also can be challenging in hard situations. 


Steve's Testimony
Growing up in Minnesota, I did not attend church and was sincerely searching for the truth.  During my sophomore year in high school, I became a Christ follower as the result of a large outreach presented by Student Venture (Cru’s High School Ministry).  I became a student leader in this movement, reaching many of my peers with the gospel.  Because God had changed my life so much, instinctively, I knew God had called me to join Cru even before graduating from high school.

Nancy's Testimony
I grew up going to church.  In second grade, I told our pastor I wanted to become a Christian and be baptized. My real motivation was because my best friend had done it and I wanted to be like her.  However, something was always missing, so I put much effort into excelling in grades, sports, being a good person and thought this would please God.  However, as a junior in high school we lost the state basketball championship and God used that to humble me and see my need for Him. The next day I went forward at my church saying I wanted to rededicate my life to God, but this is really when I became a Christian.  Later as an adult while attending Grace Community Chapel, I realized I needed to get baptized as a true believer in the Lord. I was baptized by Pastor Miller.

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