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Ronald and Rosalind Wismer

Al Hayat



Al Hayat
113 Cherry St. #88398
Seattle, WA 98104 USA​


Ron: April 17
Roz: May 13

Mission Focus

Al Hayat uses television and internet media to challenge the tenets of Islam with the goal of reaching those Muslims seeking for the true Gospel. We do this with content that is focused on revealing the truth about Islam along with showing the love of Jesus. We provide follow-up for contacts as we work to have seekers connect to a local church. We provide five call-in “Live” shows which are focused on reaching those who are seeking Christ and who are currently living in a Muslim context.​


Ron's Testimony
I grew up in a strong Christian family who took me to church and were intentional about presenting the Gospel to me. At the age of 10 I recognized (in a child-like manner) my need for salvation and was baptized. In my junior high years I felt a calling on my life that I should be involved in some type of full time ministry, but I also desired to be a pilot. In high school I was introduced to a missionary pilot and realized I could marry these two desires by becoming a missionary pilot. When I was introduced to the use of technology and media to help connect people and reach others Al Hayat became a partner with me and MAF.  MAF has decided to focus only on aviation and thus we are no longer with them and have moved on to Al Hayat.

Roz's Testimony
I grew up in a home with parents who had come to Christ as young adults.  They provided teaching and instruction of God at home and church. After reading a Sunday School paper, I recognized my sinfulness and desired forgiveness. I asked my mother to pray with me. Our church frequently hosted (cross-cultural) missionaries. After hearing one missionary nurse tell that the children she saw needed physical help, their spiritual need for God was the most important, I made a commitment to become a missionary. As a teen and young adult, I didn’t recognize that following God’s ways were expressions of love for Him and to others and not just a set of rules. Thankfully, God brought me to understand His love and life are for here and now to be shared with others as well as for eternity.  I am  helping teach Bible stories, verses and songs with children in the community. 

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