Sunday Discipleship Communities

New Communities Coming this Fall

Classes run September 11 through October 23 and meet at 9:50 am.

Pre-Register Below by September 4.


Becoming Faithful and Fruitful – The book of James encourages us to pursue faithful and fruitful lives as we embrace Godly wisdom and obedience. This study will involve a chapter-by-chapter study of James while blending some of the key teachings of this book within the context of the spiritual fruit identified in Galatians 5.


Rod Toro and Ric Kinne

Five Alive – Five Alive is designed to examine the first five chapters of John’s Gospel with the purpose of discovering some key elements related to God’s pursuit of us and our proper response to Him. The “bookend” weeks (weeks 1 and 7) will contain an introduction and a drive to application respectively, with the middle five weeks focusing on the contents of chapters 1-5.



Chris Lentz

Our Joyful Victory in Christ – Paul’s epistle to the church at Philippi, which was penned in 61 AD during his house arrest in Rome, included one of the most personal written interactions among the 13 letters he wrote to churches and individuals. Paul encouraged the believers at Philippi to embrace unity and humility and to pursue spiritual growth, joy and peace through their union with Christ and one another. This class is designed to draw attention to what it means to authentically pursue a Christ exalted life.  



Frank McEachron


That Was Then, This Is Now – This class will strategically work through the first eleven chapters of Genesis to paint a historical picture that connects with our current cultural realities. A key emphasis of this class will include how the events that occurred in Genesis 1-11 have shaped foundational thoughts and behaviors within our culture today, and how believers can position themselves to effectively respond.



Eric Szymanski

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Ongoing Opportunities

8:30 am

The Gospel Project
​(all adults)

Style: Study/Discussion
Leader: Josh and Angela Funke

9:50 am 

*Abundant Grace

(all adults)

Style: Lecture/Discussion
​Leaders: Ric Kinne and Rod Toro

(all adults)
Style: Group Discussion
Leader: Charley Saff

*Bible Unearthed

(all adults)

Style: Lecture/Discussion
​Leaders: Eric Szymanski and Steve Williams

*These classes end on September 4.

Growing Families  
(young adults)
Style: Study/Discussion
​​Leaders: Darren and Leslie Moe

*Kingdom Seekers 
(all adults)
Style: Study/Discussion
Leaders: Mike Caito and Walter Williams

(all adults)
Style: Lecture/Discussion
Leader: George Velius


(all adults)
Style: Lecture/Discussion
Leader: John Krug

Young Adults

Style: Lecture/Discussion
​Leaders: Dave and Kim Latta 

11:15 am 

Beacons of Light
(single adults 45 and older)
Style: Teaching/Discussion
Leader: Pat Turner

​(college and up)
Style: Teaching/Discussion
Leader: Ken Carroll

Prayer Group

Meet for an informal time of conversational prayer for the ministries and staff of Grace Community Chapel.

Time: 8:30, 9:50 and 11:15 am

Locations: Conference Room in the Main Office

(CLICK HERE to submit a prayer request.)