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  • McAtee | GCC

    Bruce and Irene McAtee AMG International Phone: (30210) 483 4214 Website: Address: AMG International Aigas 66 Koropi, Greece 19400 Birthday: Bruce: December 21 Irene: February 16 Grace: October 2 Emily: August 28 Mission Focus I (Bruce) have been serving with AMG since September of 2018. It is a privilege to build friendships with the refugee families. Currently I continue to bring a few men each week (sometimes with their families) to Cosmo Vision, our multi purpose sports campus, and have them stay for several days to work with me on projects. Working beside them opens the door for the opportunity to go deep through studies of the scriptures and discussions. It also provides them with the dignity of work and a source of income. Beyond that I am involved in the weekly operations that support local churches using the facility, day events for refugee groups, four annual teen camps, the AMG Sunday evening service, and other special events. We also continue to have our weekly Friday night youth group meetings for the St. Andrews International Church at Cosmo Vision, and I am part of the leadership. Testimony Bruce's Testimony I was raised in a Christian home and attended Hope Church in St. Louis, Missouri. At the young age of 6 I accepted Christ as my Savior ( Jim and Jerry Harding were a great influence). I continued to grow in my faith through the example of my parents and the ministry of the church. At age 15 I made a commitment to serve the Lord and felt at that time it was a call to missions. I entered college with the intent of pursuing missions. I was involved in numerous ministry and leadership positions throughout my college years serving as a Dorm Chaplin at the college, as well as being in leadership with the Baptist Student Union, serving with various C.C.C. outreaches. The experiences and friendships in college continued to deepen my faith. After college I went to Eastern Europe for a summer with C.C.C. and then did a one-year Discipleship school (Doulos) in Branson working with youth. Immediately after Doulos I began serving as the Youth Pastor at Grace Community Chapel and from there was commissioned for service in Greece in October of 1987. I have been serving ever since in youth ministry, evangelism, discipleship, refugee ministry, leadership, and many practical jobs. ​ Irene's Testimony I grew up in a Christian home with loving parents and my father was the pastor of the Greek Evangelical Free church in Sydney Australia and still is currently. At the age of 8 I believed in Christ as my Savior at a VBS, but it wasn’t until I was 14 and attended a Billy Graham crusade that I made a public commitment. I was active in my church and youth group and taught Sunday school for 10 years. I began working at age 18 in the financial sector and worked in that area until age 34. I had five different jobs, one with Australian Airlines, and my workplace was my mission field. I also did Bible courses at a Bible college during this time, was part of Bible Study Fellowship for 4 years and I always enjoyed my personal reading time in the word. In 2000 I met Bruce and was ushered into the world of missions. I did my first short-term mission trip to Egypt and Greece in 2001 with Hellenic Ministries and have been serving ever since that time in a support role. Previous Paul & Angie Kimball Missionary Aviation Training Next Eric & Rachel McEachron Unreached People

  • Undisclosed | GCC

    Undisclosed Missionaries Various Missions (Worldwide) Areas of Focus: Bible Translation Training and Equiping National Pastors Humanitarian Work (Feeding, Shelter, Refugees) Aviation Using technology to get information to restricted areas ​ About Undisclosed Missionaries: GCC is dedicated to spreading the message of hope found in Jesus to individuals worldwide, even in regions where practicing Christianity is particularly challenging. We collaborate with numerous undisclosed individuals, couples, and families who are actively engaged in missionary work. Alongside offering financial assistance to these missionaries, we uphold them in prayer regularly. ​ Although their identities may remain unknown to us, they are known to God. Therefore, prayer remains impactful. ​ Prayer Focus: Spiritual encouragement Health & safety Financial needs Opportunities to share the gospel That people will choose to follow Jesus That God will be glorified Previous Leroy & Debbie Zumack Field Workers (France) Back to Missions Home

  • Kendagor | GCC

    Solomon and Ruby Kendagor International Broadcasting and Discipling Phone: 800-474-4145 Email: Address: International Students, Inc. ​P. O. BOX C Colorado Springs, CO 80901 Birthday: Solomon: September 16 Ruby: February 23 Mission Focus Our Mission focus is in three areas: A. Evangelism. B. Leadership (Both Church and Government). C. Marriage and Family. We accomplish these areas of ministry through: A. Two Radio and TV stations; B. Social Media like Facebook. We are in over 50 countries. Our listeners increased by 502% to 63,781 in the last month according to Facebook. ​ Testimony Solomon's Testimony Solomon came to know Christ at the age of 9 through his parents’ ministry and family devotions. Parents were Kenyan Missionaries who left everything to serve God and live by faith, trusting the Lord for every need. Parents emphasized the importance of personal time with God for everyone in the family. During family devotion everybody was expected to share what he or she learned during personal devotion. Children learned from early age to have personal devotion, pray and trust God for every need. Solomon, however, planned to make money and give as others served the Lord and live by faith. During high school he struggled about God’s will for his life. God made it clear that he was interested in Solomon’s heart not his money. He finally surrendered to God’s purpose and God began to work in his heart. Solomon ended up in full time ministry and continues to serve with joy.​ Ruby's Testimony Abandoned by parents at about a month old, Ruby was raised in an orphanage with close to 500 children. Life was difficult at the orphanage and Ruby longed to know about her parents. When she was 14, a letter from her dad in Canada arrived saying her mother was dead. Ironically, another letter arrived the following day from her mom in Barbados introducing herself to her. Neither of the parents wrote to her again. At age 16 she had to leave the orphanage to work as a maid, first for a Chinese family for a year and a half and later for a Muslim family. The Evangelical Alliance Mission arrived and rented property from the Muslim family. Through their ministry, Ruby came to faith in Christ. She finally met her father at the age of 19 and her mother at the age of 23. Both became believers through her testimony. Previous Jon & Tammy Junker Church Planters (Japan) Next Paul & Angie Kimball Missionary Aviation Training

  • Whitworth | GCC

    Lee Whitworth Biblical Ministries Worldwide​ Phone: 770-339-3500​ Email:​ Facebook Page Address: Biblical Ministries Worldwide 1595 Herrington Rd Lawrenceville, GA 30043-5616 Birthday: June 4 Mission Focus Lee serves with Biblical Ministries Worldwide sharing the gospel in Mormon communities in Utah. For many years, Lee served as pastor of Payson Bible Church and more recently as the Field Leader for the Utah/Idaho region. Currently his ministry also includes working on field policies, recruiting ministry leaders, preaching, and writing. His wife and ministry partner, Diana, passed in January 2022 and Lee is adjusting to ministry without her wisdom and communication. We praise God for Lee’s strong faith and his commitment to continue ministry. Pray for Lee and his eight adult children as the family continues to adjust to life without Diana. Testimony Lee's Testimony As a child my parents took us to a liberal church. My older brother grew restless and sought out a Bible-teaching church. At the age of nine I heard the gospel and approached the pastor about being saved. By God's grace He has held me through days of obedience and rebellion, complacency and devotion. I have been given grace and blessings entirely out of proportion to my sin and dullness. I studied music at Grand Rapids School of the Bible & Music with primary focus on Bible. I have served in churches in Missouri, California, and Utah. Diana and I were married in 1983 and have eight children. Update: ​Diana Jean Whitworth entered the joy set before her on January 8, 2022, after a three-year battle with pancreatic cancer. Please join Grace Community Chapel in praying for Diana's family during this difficult time. The family asks that instead of flowers, charitable gifts would be designated to Provo Bible Church for the church's evangelistic outreach ministry. DIANA'S OBITUARY Previous Reach Ayutthaya SIM (Serving In Missions) Next Leroy & Debbie Zumack Field Workers

  • McEachron | GCC

    Eric and Rachel McEachron Operation Mobilization (OM) Phone: (770) 631-0432 Links: ​ Operation Mobilization (OM) 285 Lynnwood Ave. Tyrone, GA 30290 Birthday: Eric: July 17 Rachel: August 3 ​Micah - May 21 Sophie - May 1 Emi - February 5 Marcie - January 15 Silas - September 29 Mission Focus Our mission focus is the least-reached – the 3 billion people who have never heard the story of God’s love, and probably have never even met a follower of Jesus. We believe that God is calling a new wave of missionaries: ordinary believers of all professions taking their jobs to live and work in these places where Jesus is not worshipped. My role (Eric) is sharing this vision with university students (tomorrow’s workforce) and offering them an introduction to this work-as-mission lifestyle through professional internships. • A blessing in our work: I love all of it…seeing individual students’ skills and majors matched with great opportunities, networking with professors, problem-solving with teammates, and sharing with our partners (like Grace Community Chapel!). An extra blessing is Rachel connecting with the Japanese community in Atlanta through our church here. • A challenge: Staying connected with, and adapting to the ever-changing realities of, our universities and our receiving teams. ​ Testimony Eric's Testimony I had the immense privilege knowing about Jesus Christ from an early age--however, I saw obedience my means to get attention and prove that I was better than others. I realized that I had a problem when I learned (in a GCC Sunday School class) that God can see every hidden thing inside of us; I knew I could not change myself or make myself good enough in the eyes of a God who sees all of me. But that’s when it connected for me that Jesus, who lived in perfect obedience to God from the inside out, died in my place and rose from the dead; I asked him to make me clean before God, and began to follow him with my life. My heart for Christ was cultivated in GCC ministries and became directed toward missions through an international internship in college. I ended up moving to Japan to work as an English teacher, where I was mentored in missions by Jon Junker, got a crash course in cross-cultural living, and met my wife Rachel. Our years in Japan gave us a burden for the unreached, a vision for the role of professionals in mission, and confirmation of how formative the college and young professional years are.​​ Rachel's Testimony I came to personal faith in Christ when I was seven years old. After morning devotions with my mom, I realized that my sin would keep me separated from God forever. I knew I needed a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and His forgiveness. I grew up in a Bible church and had heard the Gospel many times, but that was the first time I truly understood my need. When I was ten years old, my parents took our family on a missions trip to work with Jon Junker in Japan. This was a turning point in my life. I knew that I wanted to be back in missions to share the hope of Christ with others in the future. When I was in junior high, I really began to make my faith my own and started growing. I studied cross-cultural ministry at Moody Bible Institute. Internships solidified my desire to teach English to speakers of other languages. That’s how God opened the door for me work as an English teacher in Japan for four years. My primary role now is discipling our four children. And God has continued to provide ways for me to teach English and even be part of a ministry to local Japanese ladies. That really energizes me! Previous Bruce & Irene McAtee Refugee Outreach (Greece) Next Kyle McEachron International School Teacher


    Connect With Us FILL OUT A CONNECT CARD Join us on Sundays 8:30 AM Traditional Worship Service 9:50 AM Contemporary Worship Service Student Ministry meets this hour only! 11:15 AM Contemporary Worship Service Find out More Can’t attend in person? Missed a Sunday? Watch live or on demand at YouTube or the Church Center app . Click here for Adult Discipleship Opportunities. Click here for details about Kids Ministries. Click here for details about Student Ministries. Contact Us Next Steps Get to know us better by attending these classes, which are required for membership at GCC. LUNCH AT GRACE Meet the pastors and hear about the heart of our church. Children are welcome to join us. ​ Sunday, September 8 12:15 pm | Hope Hall RSVP RSVP by the Wednesday before DISCOVERING GRACE Dig deeper and ask specific questions about our Statement of Faith, doctrines, and priorities. (high school and up) Sunday, September 22 11:15 am | Room 110 RSVP RSVP by the Friday before SHARING GRACE Understand the culture of our church and our passion to walk an authentic Christian life. (high school and up) Sunday, October 6 11:15 am | Room 110 RSVP RSVP by the Friday before Volunteer at GCC We would love for you to be a part of what God is doing at GCC, and there are many opportunities for you to get involved through serving. Whether you enjoy working with adults, students, or children, have interest in music or tech support, want to serve as an usher or greeter, or would like to help with a community outreach event, Grace has a place for you! DISCOVER SERVICE OPPORTUNITIES Membership at GCC If you would like to become a member at GCC, we require that you first go through the "Next Steps" process listed above . Through this process, you will meet the staff, get to know the heart of our church, and learn about the core values that guide the ministry here at GCC. Although membership is not required to serve in the ministry, you can vote on the yearly budget and officers of the Missions, Deaconess, Deacons, and Elder board. MEMBERSHIP At GRACE Volunteer Prayer Prayer at Grace At GCC we believe in the power of prayer. Submit a prayer request or ask to join our Prayer Chain email list REQUEST PRAYER JOIN THE PRAYER CHAIN


    Casas Por Cristo Short-Term Opportunity Who: Families and individuals interested in construction and outreach activities with the local church. What: Develop a relationship with a local family while building them a home. Also we hope to engage in outreach with our church partner in Mexico. When: December 26, 2024 - December 31, 2024 Where: Acuna, Mexico (border town across from Del Rio, TX) Why: To provide a home for a family in need. To continue building relationships with our Casas por Cristo missionary partner and our host church and help them with spreading the gospel in Acuna. How much: $1,600/per person. ​ Casas Por Cristo Application Donate to a team member


    Adult Connection Connect at GCC ​Connect, be encouraged, and encourage others through a variety of activities, tailored to meet specific needs and interests. Martha Fellowship (women of all ages, supporting GCC missionaries) ​For women interested in encouraging our missionary families through prayer, cards, letters and other projects. Meets third Wednesday of the month (except December). CLICK HERE for more information about this far-reaching ministry. 3rd Wednesday | 1:00-3:00 pm | Adult Central Men's Breakfast (men of all ages) ​ ​Men, join us for a hearty breakfast the second Saturday of the month in Hope Hall. Come enjoy good food and fellowship, and bring a friend! There is no need to register, and there is no fee, but an offering will be taken. 2nd Saturday | 8:00 am Grace Community Chapel-Hope Hall PrimeTimers (ages 55+) The PrimeTimers ministry offers periodic gatherings and activities that are designed to provide an opportunity for fellowship and ministry within the Body of Christ among those who are age 55+. When: Times Vary Check out our Events page EVENTS INFO Fitness and Recreation PILOGA (women only) Pilates and yoga; the best of both worlds! Core strengthening pilates movements combined with classic yoga poses will improve your balance and leave you strong, flexible and relaxed. Please bring a mat if you have one, but I have extras that you may borrow. Mondays | 8:00 pm VOLLEYBALL (adult 17+) A relaxed, fun time of recreational volleyball, with a bit of healthy competition thrown in! We play speed volleyball which means everyone gets to play every game. Youth ages 15-16 are welcome to come play with a parent or older sibling. 2nd & 4th Sundays | 7:00 pm Have Questions? Drop us a note Name Email What are you iquiring about? Martha Fellowship Men's Breakfast PrimeTimers Piloga Volleyball Message Submit


    Who We Are Our Mission We Exist to Proclaim Jesus and Pursue Maturity in Him. Him we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ. - Col 1:28 Our Commitment G.R.A.C.E Grow Spiritually ​ I will pursue a pattern of progressive transformation into the image of Jesus, understanding that spiritual growth is my personal responsibility. John 15:1-17 | 2 Peter 1:3-11 | Ephesians 4:14-15 Reproduce Intentionally ​ I will see God-given potential in others and use my gifts, experiences, and resources to participate in their spiritual development. 1 Corinthians 11:1 | 1 Thessalonians 5:11-15 | 2 Timothy 2:1-7 Advance the Gospel ​ I will leverage my opportunities to live and proclaim salvation by grace through faith in Christ for the forgiveness of sins. Matthew 28:18-20 |Romans 10:13-15 | 1 Peter 3:13-17 Connect in Worship ​ I will unite with the church body, offering my whole self as an act of submission and commitment to the glory of God. Romans 12:1 | 1 Corinthians 12:21-27 |Hebrew 10:19-25, 13:15-17 Engage in Service ​ I will maintain a servant’s heart as I regularly contribute to the body of Christ in spiritual and practical ways. Matthew 20:26b-28 | Romans 12:3-8 | 1 Corinthians 12:4-7 Our Beliefs Our Beliefs Check out an overview of our beliefs at Grace Community Chapel. click the section links on the right FULL DOCTRINAL GUIDELINES 01 Scripture 02 The Father 03 Jesus Christ 04 Holy Spirit 05 Salvation 06 The Church 07 Ordinances 08 Resurrection Ministry Staff Ministry Staff Jason Krute Senior Pastor Daniel Maasen Outreach Chris Lentz Adult Ministries Carrie Fisher Kids Ministries Anthony Ochoa Student Ministries David Earley Worship Arts

  • Barker | GCC

    Jabe and Elena Barker Serving with schools in the Philippines For more information about the Barkers and their work in the Philippines, pick up a copy of their bio in the red folder near the church office. Previous Anna & Elliott Cafe 1040 Next Ron & Mary Bennett Serving with The Navigators

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