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    Short-Term Missions Short-Term Missions Every year, we sponsor a number of short-term missions in which many members of our congregation engage. In addition to GCC-sponsored trips, our members are involved in a variety of missions efforts, both near and far. ​The Missions Committee offers a tiered system specifically for youth as they progress through missions opportunities at GCC: Tier 1 - Local Church ministry with a training requirement. Tier 2 - U.S.-based overnight trip, serving outside the St. Louis but not outside the continental U.S. Tier 3 - Foreign Missions - anything outside of the U.S. 2023 Short-Term Opportunities We are now accepting applications for Greece, Kentucky Mountain Mission, and Thailand. Click an image below for more information or to apply. France: To serve and encourage the Irwins in their ministry. To provide local prayer support and possibly hand out invites about the launch of Eglise de la Rive Droite. ​ Jan 5, 2023 - Jan 16, 2023 (APPLICATION CLOSED) Casas Por Cristo: To provide a home for a family in need. To continue building relationships with our Casas por Cristo missionary partner and our host church. ​ Jun 9, 2023 - Jun 14, 2023 (APPLICATION CLOSED) Greece: Work with Operation Joshua to distribute Bibles and Christian literature to homes in Greece. Connect with the McAtees, our supported missionaries, who will share an orientation to their ministry. ​ June 28, 2023 - July 12, 2023 (TENTATIVE) Kentucky Mountain Mission: To serve and encourage the Smiths in their ministry. To provide respite to the campers' caretakers. To connect with the campers and share God’s love. ​ Jul 16, 2023 - Jul 21, 2023 Thailand: Take part in a weekend English camp for college students to practice conversational English. Investigate future opportunities to advance the work in Thailand and surrounding countries. ​ Jul 24, 2023 - Aug 7, 2023


    Girls' Night Out Girls' Night Out: 'A Time to Laugh' Friday, January 27 Doors open at 6:30. Program begins at 7:00. ​ Get ready for a night of fun and laughter, featuring comedian Christian Misner! ​ The evening will also include the usual: fun activities, great conversations, and yummy refreshments in a comfortable, relaxed setting. Be inspired as one of the 'girls' shares her personal journey with God. Spread the word, bring a friend, and you could both win the 'Bring a Friend' door prize! REGISTER FOR GIRLS' NIGHT OUT November 2022 Event Recap: We SO enjoyed hosting 'Girls' Night Out - A Totally New You', featuring Christy Boulware of 'Fearless Unite'. Christy's message from that night was powerful and life-changing, and she has even more encouragement for you in her letter below. ​ Hello Sweet Friends! Wow, what an incredible "Girls Night Out" we were able to spend with you! Our team is overjoyed to have been able to engage, connect, and boldly step into "A Totally New You" together. "But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you." Matthew 6:33 My prayer is you continue to let God transform your mind and in doing so your spirit, soul and body - I am praying over that fervently. I would love to provide you with some tools and resources to keep you armed and equipped... ​ ​ ​ Use the form below to receive news about upcoming Girls' Night Out events at Grace Community Chapel. CONTINUE READING CHRISTY'S LETTER Join Our Mailing List Sign up to receive news about upcoming events First Name Last Name Email Subscribe Thanks for subscribing!


    Casas Por Cristo Short-Term Opportunity Who: Families and individuals interested in construction and outreach activities with the local church. What: Develop a relationship with a local family while building them a home. Also we hope to engage in outreach with our church partner in Mexico. When: June 9-June 14 Where: Acuna, Mexico (border town across from Del Rio, TX) Why: To provide a home for a family in need. To continue building relationships with our Casas por Cristo missionary partner and our host church and help them with spreading the gospel in Acuna. How much: Details to be determined. Last year it was $1,000/per person. ​ Application is now closed!


    MOPS and MomsNext Overview Our MOPS & MomsNext group exists to meet the needs of every mom – urban, suburban and rural moms, stay-at-home and working moms, teen, single and married moms – moms with different lifestyles who all share a similar desire to be the very best moms they can be! ​ You’ll develop friendships with other moms and get resources to equip you for your important role. A typical meeting includes a speaker or creative activity, a hot breakfast and discussion time with other moms. You'll find advice, encouragement and community. So if you're a mom of a child, birth through school-age, we’d love to have you join us! Schedule Second and Fourth Tuesday of Every Month, September to May. 9:00 AM TO 11:00 AM Registration Step 1 -Join MOPS International and pay their annual membership fee. The MOPS International annual membership fee is $32. Use the button below with Group Code DAXC to enroll. JOIN MOPS INTERNATIONAL Note: GCC's fees below are for the full year, Sep-May. If you are only attending January-May, the fee is reduced to $22 for moms and $10 per child (age 6 months to 5 years). Step 2 -Register for our local MOPS & MOMSNEXT group at GCC. The fee is $44 for moms and $20 per child (age 6 months to 5 years). GCC REGISTRATION Have Questions? First Name Last Name Email Submit Thanks someone will contact you soon!


    Our Missionaries Our Missionaries Please note that due to safety and security concerns some individuals and organizations we support cannot be listed. For questions, please contact Anna & Elliott Unreached People Scott & Jayne Cuidon Global Missionary Counseling Solomon & Ruby Kendagor International Broadcast/Discipling Kyle McEachron International School Teacher Lee Whitworth Mormon Outreach Jabe & Elena Barker Philippine Schools Steve & Nancy Huerd College Campus Ministry Paul & Angie Kimball Missionary Aviation Training Mark & Jodi Revell International Field Worker Trainers Ron & Roz Wismer Global Networking Ron & Mary Bennett College Campus Ministry Doug & Emilee Irwin Church Planters (France) Bruce & Irene McAtee Refugee Outreach (Greece) Emily Rezek Student Outreach (France) Leroy & Debbie Zumack Field Workers (France) Raymond & LeAnn Cook Bible Translation Jon & Tammy Junker Church Planters (Japan) Eric & Rachel McEachron Unreached People Steve & Diana Smith Christian Camp Directors Missions Newsletter Do you have a heart for missions? If you are a member or regular attender of Grace Community Chapel, you can receive regular reports from missionaries we support SIGNUP FOR THE MISSIONS REPORT


    GCC Global GCC Global exists to proclaim Jesus to unreached people groups around the world. We do this through regular financial support of our missionaries, as well as monthly giving events we call “Change For Change.” Our goal is to equip indigenous people within unreached people groups to spread the gospel, plant churches, and enable ongoing ministry in areas who have little-to-no access to the Word of God. MEET OUR MISSIONARIES Make an Impact Give We have two ways for you to give financially to GCC missions. ​ Ongoing Financial Support: When you give online you can designate a portion to the missions program. ​ Change for Change: Specified missions need collected through the month (changes monthly) ​ Check out this Month's Campaign! GIVE ONLINE Go GCC - Short Term Missions Every year, we sponsor a number of short-term missions in which many members of our congregation engage. In addition to GCC-sponsored trips, our members are involved in a variety of missions efforts, both near and far. ​ ​ Find out more and see upcoming events at the link below! SHORT-TERM MISSIONS Pray Jesus said "therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” (Matt 9:38) This reminds us that prayer is an important part of missions. ​ Pray for our Missionaries listed on our website. Use the Operation World website to pray for specific countries. Join our Missions Newsletter 2022 Change For Change These are just a few of the ways GCC has been able to join God in what he is doing around the world this year. Thank you for your prayers and support! ​ We can’t wait to see what He does in 2023! JAN $3,000 - To help M&M with moving expenses in Central Asia FEB $5,776 - To help the Junkers with their translation project MAR $13,422 - To pack meals for Kids Against Hunger APR $6,164 - T o help launch Kyle McEachron onto the missions field in Hungary MAY $4,112 - For Casas por Cristo JUN $5,926 - To help Mr. A in Central Asia start a small business to fuel ministry JUL $1,963 - For Urbana 2022. AUG $8,000 - To Trusted Partners for aid to Ukrainian believers SEP $9,926 - For Christmas in September (gifts to our missionaries) OCT NOV $30,000 - To help Afghan refugees DEC $9000 - For tuition for the McAtee's daughter Emily . Total: $97,289 Thank You For Your Generosity Missions Newsletter Do you have a heart for missions? If you are a member or regular attender of Grace Community Chapel, you can receive regular reports from missionaries we support SIGNUP FOR THE MISSIONS REPORT


    France Short-Term Opportunity Pray for our Prayer Team Our France team leaves January 5th for Paris and will return to St. Louis on January 16. Please pray for safe travels today, and continue to pray for the team throughout their time in France as they provide support to the Irwins in their efforts to start a new church plant. How you can pray ​ Pray for the people of Paris, especially in the area of the new church (metro station called Gare de Lyon). Pray for the leaders of the new church, Doug and Emilee Irwin and Guillaume and Elodie Bourin (that's all we know now) and their spiritual direction in setting precedents for the new church. Pray for the six short-term team members to be effective supporters with eyes to see the needs and spiritual challenges. Prayers have been answered for the Irwins to find a place for the church to meet. Trip Details: What: Participate in local prayer for the new church plant that the Irwins are launching January 22nd. When: January 5-16 Where: Paris, France area Why: To serve and encourage the Irwins in their ministry. To provide local prayer support and possibly hand out invites about the launch of Eglise de la Rive Droite. Meet the Team With less than 2% committed followers of Jesus in France, most people in France do not even know a genuine believer. Grace missionaries, Doug and Emilee Irwin, along with their French co-leaders, have a bold vision to start a new French-speaking church, near a massive metro station near the center of Paris. They launch in January 2023 and have asked a team from Grace to come and pray over all aspects of this effort. We are that prayer team. Thank you for joining with us prayerfully and financially. Dan Cheek DONATE Carol Cheek DONATE Frank McEachron DONATE Marcia McEachron DONATE Bill Start DONATE Gail Start DONATE

  • Cook | GCC

    Raymond & LeAnn Cook Bible Translation Phone: 501-294-8768 Email: Address: PO Box 1331 Wheaton, IL 60187 Birthday: Raymond: January 24 LeAnn: January 27 Mission Focus Our focus will be to translate the Bible into the largest unreached unengaged language group in Southeast Asia. They are over 99% Muslim and have no church, no Bible, and we know of only one Christian. Our hope, while translating, is to see the very first church planted among the people and to see many denounce Islam and turn to Christ alone for salvation. We anticipate very rocky and hard soil possibly resulting in rejection of Christianity at some level. However, we believe Revelation 7:9-10 will come to pass and that this particular people group will be represented around the throne of God. We believe and hope that a great number of these people will stand shoulder to shoulder with us and, each in our own language, worship Jesus together saying the same thing: "Salvation belongs to our God who sites on the throne, and to the Lamb!" Testimony Raymond's Testimony: I came to faith at eleven years old at Christian summer camp. I had attended Catholic school until this time as my mother was Catholic. I also attended a Pentecostal church on Sundays as my father was Pentecostal. I remember learning a lot about Jesus and the Bible especially from church and Bible study on Sunday at the Pentecostal church and it all finally made sense when I went to summer camp. I understood a very simple gospel--that I was a sinner and separated from God because of my sin, Jesus was sent to die on my behalf paying the penalty I was due for my sins, he rose from the dead, and I needed to place all my hope and faith in him to be made right with God. I repented and was baptized that summer. Later, as an adult, I felt the call toward full-time cross-cultural missions. LeAnn's Testimony: I grew up Catholic but it never took root. After my youngest sister took her first communion, my parents decided we didn’t need to go church any more. Later, in high school, I was invited to a Bible study. The leader shared the gospel with me and the Lord used that to show me my sins. I went on to St. Charles Community College where I was active in CRU leading lessons and groups to do outreach in Florida. During this time I was mentored by the lady that shared the gospel with me. She was a leader in CRU and recommended I pursue ministry. I was excited to learn more about the Lord, share it with others, and do it as a full-time job. I went to St. Louis Christian College to learn more about God’s Word which grew my love for missions and reaching Muslims. Previous Ron & Mary Bennett Serving with The Navigators Next Scott & Jayne Cuidon Global Missionary Counseling

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    Scott & Jayne Cuidon Global Missionary Counseling Phone: 630-580-5750 Email: ​ Address: MEI ​P.O. Box 4947 Wheaton, IL 60189 Birthday: Scott: March 10 Jayne: October 28 Mission Focus Our focus is to provide a holistic approach to spiritual and emotional health for those wearied or wounded on the front lines of ministry around the globe. Through spiritual friendship, spiritual direction and biblical counseling, we offer time and space to listen to God, refocus life and ministry priorities, and rest. Three, six or twelve day retreats serve as an opportunity to heal, gain perspective, and receive input from fellow missionaries in a confidential and safe environment. Testimony Scott's Testimony: As I was filling out the application for the dorm at K-State, I had a very distinct urge to live on a certain floor in a certain dorm, although I knew no one there. As it turned out, a group of CRU students had picked that dorm floor as their evangelism target that next year. I showed up with a big “bull’s-eye” on my chest. Sometime before Thanksgiving in 1981, I was alone in my dorm room reading Hal Lindsey’s, “The Late, Great, Planet Earth” which pretty much scared me into the Kingdom ☺. And although at the time I didn’t know that I was “becoming a Christian” that night, I made a sincere decision to invite Christ into my life, to forgive my sin, and to make me the person He wanted me to be. I became more and more involved with CRU over the next months/years, to the point that I dropped out of the Architecture program that I was in because I thought I wanted to be a missionary . . . and so I transferred to Truman State to study math education. I thought that it would be easy to get into any country in the world as a math teacher. Jayne's Testimony: I remember as a young child not only wanting to please my parents, but also wanting to avoid hell (a topic spoken of often in our Free Will Baptist circles). I “asked Jesus to come into my heart” at 4, was baptized at 8, worked and grew up in the church 3-4 nights a week, and even went on mission trips, but it wasn’t until college that I began to understand what it meant to walk with Jesus daily even though I had a thorough knowledge of Scripture. I was discipled and developed a deep love for the word of God for transformation rather than knowledge. Previous Raymond & LeAnn Cook Bible Translation Next Steve & Nancy Huerd College Campus Ministry

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    Steve & Nancy Huerd Cru Phone: ​888-278-7233 Website: Address: Cru 100 Lake Hart Drive Orlando, FL 32832 Birthday: Steve: September 25 Nancy: January 31 Mission Focus Nancy labors to confirm that those wishing to join us within Cru are qualified and well prepared to be missionaries. Not everyone who applies is ready or even called to become a full-time missionary with Cru and Nancy meticulously evaluates applications and candidates ensuring Cru is a good fit for them. She also works diligently to confirm our staff serve in the best possible assignments, both short-term and long-term, for their own growth and development as well as to reach students for Christ all over the world. Steve is the director of Ministry Partner Development for the High School Ministry, ensuring that all staff are fully funded. He also serves in theological development, teaching Bible classes to our new staff and assisting the field ministry, providing help and resources for thorny ethical issues. We are both blessed to serve our staff nationally in many places. If you could pray one thing for us, it would be for wisdom and servant hearts to love and care for all of our High School staff.​ Testimony Steve's Testimony Growing up in Minnesota, Steve's family ceased attending church during his elementary school years causing him to become a genuine seeker of the truth. During his sophomore year in high school, Steve became a Christ-follower as the result of a large outreach presented by Student Venture (Cru’s High School Ministry). He became a student leader in this movement reaching many of his peers with the gospel. In college, Steve was very involved with Cru at St. Cloud State University (St. Cloud, MN) and joined Cru full-time in 1988. Because God had changed his life so much, instinctively Steve knew God had called him to join Cru even before graduating from high school.​ Nancy's Testimony Nancy grew up in a Christian home in northeast Missouri, attending church functions regularly but it didn’t really impact her life until her junior year of high school when her team lost the Missouri basketball championship. Through the help of some of her friends, she realized the emptiness of worldly achievements and asked Christ to come into her life. During her college days at the University of Missouri, she played basketball and was very active in Campus Crusade for Christ, the former name of Cru. Through her involvement in Cru, she was able to share Christ with most of her teammates and lead several Bible studies. Eventually she became connected and plugged into the local high school ministry while teaching and coaching at a St. Louis area high school. Sensing God’s call on her life not merely to teach and coach, but to be a full-time missionary, she joined Cru full-time. Her first assignment was in Minnesota where she met Steve. Previous Scott & Jayne Cuidon Global Missionary Counseling Next Doug & Emilee Irwin Church Planters (France)

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